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Points and embroideries are offered, ceramics and porcelain, wicker networks and the famous Friscaletti, the shepherd's flutes geschnitzen from reed; furthermore silver tyre, necklaces from corals or lava, artistic Einlegearbeiten of the red marble which comes from Taormina itself. In one of the workshops painters and female painters sit in easels and ready genre small picture. Over and over again the same motives: the look at Etna, the Ionic sea, the garlands-decorated lanes of the city. Different architectural styles along the Corso Umberto testify from a long history. In Greek, Gothic, Roman, normannisch, baroque, Sicilian Renaissance. One of the strangest buildings is the well before the cathedral San Nicolo. A female Zentaurus with crown, sceptre and globe rises here and is landmarks and symbol Taorminas. The sculpture has some Marien-like, at the same time, however, also brutal. So much Taormina is touristically with his hotels, galleries, cafés, restaurants, souvenir stores: There are also the picturesque, snug places and corners where in inner courtyards the laundry hangs, children football play, bird's cages on the facades hang and the quite normal Sicilian life happens. And at night there shine here old lanterns. Music and inextricable flower smells and smells of food overlay the lanes. The resignation of Taormina is always difficult.

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