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In the Saracen style he is built, laid out with mosaic. Towards him, only thirty metres away, an old palatial Albergo with tears is already in the building, so that one must be afraid of the next quake released by Etna. But the extensive rooms with a balcony to the Ionic sea allow to accept this danger. Too nicely, too romantically the evenings are there under the stars and the candle-lighted rally of the higher situated Taormina. And once even, in a mild winter evening, the moon rises copper-coloured from the sea and walks, linked with a luminous star, the bay of Giardini Naxos along. Is old and is moved the history Taorminas. The first settlements come from the 12-th century before Christ. The city during the following centuries was desired by Greeks, Sarazenen, Normannen, to Romans. As notoriously across-headed the Taorminesi are described. With slave revolts they positioned themselves on the side of the serfs, with uprisings on the side of the rebels. As impregnable counted the city, as an eyrie, until she could not stand firm then to a long state of siege of the Arabs any more and her walls were polished. From the old time generates one of the most amusing buildings of Sicily, the Teatro Greco, which Greek-Roman theatres which was restored and offers to more than 5000 spectators place. It lies on a plateau on the edge of the city. Here before the scenery of Etna and the Ionic sea there is during the summer months theatre, operas, ballet performances and concerts. Landmarks Taorminas - Zentaurin photo: Irmelin Sansen street musicians on the Piazza IX of Aprils. Photo: Irmelin Sansen central axis of the small town is of the Corso Umberto with his souvenir stores and workshops. The Sicilian craft stands here still in full blossom. Primarily admittedly, for the countless tourists who arrive from all over the world and are astonished.

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