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Evergreen gardens with lemon trees, orange trees and mandarin trees also give him in winter Mediterranean atmosphere. In the meantime, Taormina I have visited several times. Sometimes on the quick way, by the airplane to Catania. Sometimes also on the rail, 33-hour train journey over Florence, Rome, Naples, then along the western Italian coast to villa San Giovanni which lies towards Messina. Mighty ferries cruise here day and night between the mainland and Sicily. How did I come only on Taormina? Of Goethe, Italian trip ' enticed me into it. In a note from the 8th May, 1787 he confesses to have dreamt away the day in the branches of an orange small tree. For the day before he gives that it was impossible for him to leave the slopes of Monte Tauro before sundown. " It was infinitely nice to observe how this area signifying in all points sank bit by bit into darkness. " To come by the train below Taormina, is a special experience. The railway station, indeed one of the nicest ones of the world, lies immediately by the sea.

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